Container Manufacture and Modification

Container externals and interior

Container Manufacture

Container-type structures afford the ideal method for installation of plant and equipment that has to be operational upon arrival at site.

Whether built with corner castings or crane lifting points, they are suited for transportation by Road, Rail or Shipping.

You tell us what you want to package and we will produce a packaging system individually designed for that purpose. The design process is fully computerised, utilising Autodesk AutoCAD and Microsoft Office software. In addition, 3-D modelling/CAD software is currently being introduced.

IICL Inspection and Reporting

ISO Container Manufacture and Repair

CSC Approval for Manufacture and Modification of Shipping Containers

Lloyds Register of Shipping Inspection

International Shipping Lines third party inspection and assessment

SOLAS (Safety of Lives At Sea)

BS EN or relevant International Standards


System designs are produced for operation in the most adverse of weather and environmental conditions worldwide.

We have many years of experience in constructing the most diverse range of purpose-built modules to meet every challenge presented to us.

Standard features may be combined with optional extras to provide a flexible design and manufacture programme.

Modification exteriorModified trailer


Modified container interior


Container Modifications

Whether a transportable facility, or semi-permanent fixture, containers provide very robust, durable and, most importantly, a secure steel environment.

They are an extremely cost-effective alternative to building a traditional structure.  for most purposes planning permission will not be required.

If your need is simply to fit a couple of shelves or installation of valuable plant and equipment to creating a multi-link complex –

We have the expertise to provide the solution

Conversions to containers enable many new uses, limited only by the scope of your  imagination.

SIMPLY tell us what you would like to achieve and leave the rest to us.

We will customise the container to meet your needs

side access with roller shutters modification

Side access with roller shutters

  • Offices
  • Mess rooms
  • Toilets
  • Workshops
  • Kitchen

In the past GTSL has been responsible for a range of specialist containers for a wide range of customers

Cable and Wireless

Cable and Wireless - external view and battery backup room
Supplied to Cable & Wireless for maintenance shutdown of computer systems. designed to accommodate 1200 closed cell batteries weighing 42 tonne evenly distributed over 18m.

Built in two sections for assembly on site requiring same-day completion to avoid disruption of normal working practices.

Features included:

  • Mineral fibre thermal insulation
  • Pre-painted galvanised steel internal lining
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting and small power
  • Three coat twin pack epoxy and polyurethane paint system

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Intergen container external
On behalf of InterGen, one of several modules supplied for the installation of switchgear at Rocksavage power Station.

The modules comprise a sectional steel structure and 100mm composite cladding panels.  The structure is totally manufactured from non-flammable materials.

The paint system is suitable for 15 year exposure to a hostile environment

Standard features include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Audible and strobe alarms

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Packaged Equipment Housing

Internal and external views of packaged equipment container

This purpose built oversize container of 12m x 3.6m was designed in accordance with Lloyds Register marine regulations.

The facility contains a darkroom and a chemical storage area.

The air conditioning and climate control provide a comfortable working environment for a team of technicians.

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Global Marine

Internal and external views of Global Marine container

Global Marine operate this as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other portable modules to form a complete Cable Management Facility. It was fully fitted and commissioned in the factory prior to being installed on a “ship of opportunity” which was being used for laying under-sea communications cables

The Electrical Power Distribution System was carefully tailored to balance the “on board” power available with the multiple power requirements for the safe and efficient operation of the Cable Jointing Room.  Great care was taken to balance the electrical load and provide a high degree of protection from the diversity of power requirements

Each ship’s power cable was terminated in an MCCB enclosure before being linked to either a Transformer or directly to a Distribution Board.  Each outgoing power cable from a Transformer was also terminated in an MCCB Enclosure before being connected to a Distribution Board.

The Cable Jointing Room shown is provided with three incoming power sources, which feed eight different Distribution Boards wither directly or through a Transformer.  A total of 58 individual circuits are provided at 6 different voltage ratings.

The Cable Jointing Room was designed to operate worldwide and was provided with full air conditioning and climate control.

An array of Power Outlet Sockets are provided ranging from 440V 60Hz 3 pole 63 Amp to 110V 60Hz DP 15 Amp.  The sockets are employed for a variety of uses including portable power tools and sensitive testing equipment.

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L3 Communications

L3 container, external views

High Cube shipping container, supplied to L3 Communications, modified for use by Customs X-RAY inspection at border crossings.

The rear walls of the container are lined with 4mm of lead sheet to afford protection to operational personnel and customs officers.

The container provides the control facility for the operation and monitoring by X-RAY to commercial vehicles for detection of contraband.

The container is fitted with closed circuit television and multiplex monitors.

The container is divided into five compartments

  • WC and utility room
  • Custom control
  • Monitor operations
  • Kitchen
  • Electrical control room

The unit was designed for operation in adverse weather conditions, being fully insulated and having double glazed windows.  Air conditioning is provided via through-wall units

All equipment is operational on 50 or 60 Hz power supply.

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